As of 2/18/2020, our office is open for both in-person and virtual visits.  Please call our office for your medical needs.

Office closed due to severe weather

Due to power outages, unsafe road conditions and lack of water pressure, our office will remain closed on Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021.

Covid-19 Vaccine available!

Patients of White Oak Medical Associates and Privia Medical Group may sign up to receive the vaccine at one of 2 Houston-area locations. All patients may sign up to be notified to schedule when they are eligible to receive the vaccine based on personal risk factors.  We encourage all patients to get the COVID-19 vaccination, which is safe and effective.  If you have concerns about the vaccine, please do not hesitate to schedule a time to speak with a provider about it.  We have in-person and virtual options available to discuss. An appointment with a provider is not required to sign up for the vaccine. 


To sign up: go to https://www.carebothealth.com/privia-gc-patients

Coronavirus update

Harris County has issued a Stay at Home order due to rising COVID19 cases in our area.  Please do your part and abide by this order.   We remain available to you with virtual care for wellness visits and sick visits.  Some medical conditions need in-person evaluation or testing and we are open for those essential services. Please do not delay your medical care.  If you are unsure if your medical care needs treatment in the office now or can wait, make a virtual appointment to discuss options with Dr. Harrison.   If you have signs of COVID19 please make a virtual appointment to discuss how to manage it and what to expect.  If you cannot schedule online, please call the office. Leave a detailed message and we will get back to you.

If you need essential medical services in our office know the following:

  • Only the patient is allowed (exception for frail patients or those needing assistance).
  • You must wear a mask.
  • You will not have contact with any other patients.
  • Examination rooms are rotated and thoroughly disinfected between patients.
  • No patients with suspected COVID19 will be examined indoors.

Stay safe, stay home!


Dr. Harrison and the White Oak team.

Dr. Harrison is The Leader’s 2019 Reader’s Choice Best Physician

Readers of the Houston Heights local paper, the Leader, voted our favorite primary care doctor, Dr. Jaclyn Harrison, as Best Physician!

The Leader Newspaper Interview

The Leader, a local newspaper, interviewed Dr. Harrison on her newly opened practice and the quality of care she strives to provide all of her patients with. If you are looking for a new PCP or are feeling under the weather

Compassion, community come first for Dr. Harrison

Dr. Jaclyn Harrison educates the local senior community

November was Bladder Health Awareness month and Dr. Harrison visited with Houston Heights area seniors for an educational (but still fun) talk on maintaining urinary tract health.  Bladder problems, including incontinence and bladder infections are common, but usually treatable. Don’t suffer in silence! If you are experiencing bladder problems, make an appointment with Dr. Harrison or your primary care doctor for help.

Click here for a link about the presentation.


We Are Members of Privia Medical Group

As of October 1st, 2018, we are proud members of Privia Medical Group!