COVID-19 Care Management

Rapid testing is offered in-office with a virtual appointment for established our patients.

If you have tested positive, or think you have COVID-19, please contact us or another healthcare provider right away, and isolate yourself from other people. If you are very fatigued, have a heart rate over 120, or have trouble breathing, go to an emergency room immediately.

Most patients with COVID-19 can be safely managed at home with a doctor’s supervision. You may not know whether or not you need to seek additional medical care, and we can help you make this determination. We manage COVID-19 patients with virtual visits, and can perform outdoor examinations, on an as-needed basis. 

At-Home Management

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, we strongly recommend having a pulse oximeter machine at your home. A pulse oximeter checks your heart rate and oxygen levels, and can be very useful in managing your symptoms and alerting you if additional care is needed. Our practice has only a limited number of pulse oximeters available to rent to our patients, so we recommend you purchase your own. You can find a pulse oximeter here.

Antibody Testing

We offer COVID-19 antibody tests from a reputable lab, and early studies from this specific test show that it is accurate. Because many testing options for COVID-19 are new, and more information constantly becomes available, we ask that you schedule about 5 minutes to discuss the test with Dr. Harrison. This discussion can be done virtually or in-person, and the blood test and can be done in our office.